About Us

I'm glad you found your way to BALA HUNTING. A company designed around the hunter that wants to enjoy the outdoors in comfortable and casual style.

My name is Brian Bruns and I'm the Founder and President. My focus from day one has been to find a way to incorporate and encourage people to at least get outdoors and enjoy this beautiful world of ours. I love the outdoors and especially hunting for ducks and pheasant with my family and friends.

The name BALA was derived from the first and middle initials of my wife and I, however, little did I know that the word bala means bullet in spanish. Quite the happy accident! 

Simplicity at its core is the foundation of the styles I try to create. Now I know a camo pattern definitely has a lot of detail, but some things are a necessity when you hunt. I did try to create camo patterns that provide a sense of modern style with most showcasing a digital look while still holding true to some of the natural colors you would find in the elements. With so many different choices out there for apparel, it is hard not to get lost in the weeds and I appreciate you giving the little guy a shot.

I cherish the moments I get to spend with my family and friends when I'm out hunting for the day. It brings a sense of calm and peace that it is hard to find in the world today. The brand is built around the philosophy of taking a step back and slowing down a little to appreciate the moments this world can provide. My hope is that you enjoy BALA as much as I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy developing the brand.
Have a safe and memorable hunting season!